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The tempera paints are in 50 ml jars - 48 colors.
Light-resistant pigments and ingredients that provide an even denser tone have been selected. The tempera paints are water-soluble. They are used to paint on paper, wood, cloth, stone, etc. They are easily combined with other water-based paints – watercolor and acrylic. The high concentration of pigment in Maestro Pan tempera paints is achieved at the expense of the filler. We managed to create tempera paint that minimally changes its colour upon drying. Thus, even while working, when the paint is still wet, you get a real idea of the colours and easily achieve the desired colouring. We overcame another negative quality of the mass gouache and tempera - in corrections or multilayer painting, the upper layer dissolving the lower one and even raising it.

Maestro Pan
Tempera paint Intenive - 50 ml

Thanks to a complex developed by us from gum arabic and synthetic resins used as a binder, the Maestro Pan tempera is semi soluble and allows precise and easy adjustment and effective multilayer painting.