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Acrylic paint decor varnish has a dense and saturated tone. It is suitable for all surfaces - glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, stone and plastic. Decor varnish is water-based paint and, if necessary, can be diluted with water. Decor varnish № 107 gives transparency to the other colors. After drying /1-2 hours/ it becomes insoluble and objects can be cleaned with a damp cloth. With appropriate dilution with water, decor varnish acrylic can be applied with an airbrush.

Maesrto Pan
Decor acrylic paint Intenive - 50 ml

If your painting or decorative object often needs to be treated with water, then it is necessary to bake it for 30 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius. After this treatment it will develop resistance to washing. You can use ceramic varnish № 105 and № 106. They give absolute gloss and even bigger strength against mechanical damage and water. Be patient - this ceramic varnish dries lowlier than the décor varnish - wait long enough before baking. Varnish № 106 has the greatest strength and its drying takes twenty-four hours.

Maestro Pan
Acrylic paint Intenive - 50 ml

The range that we offer includes 60 brilliant colors in 50 ml jars, including 12 metallic colours - light and dark silver; copper; bronze; Renaissance, classic and antique gold. You can use platinum white as a pure color or mix it with any of the other 48 colors to give them a wonderful pearl effect.

You can have fun and experiment in order to please your loved ones, or use the paints in your profession – decor varnish Maestro PAN will justify your expectations!

Maestro Pan
Decor acrylic paint Intenive - 200 ml