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Gesso is an extremely covering primer. This is acrylic emulsion with fillers, precipitated chalk, zinc white, titanium dioxide and plasticizers. It does not incorporate organic substances and the layer applied to the surface does not age or change color, it retains its elasticity. Gesso dries much faster than the classical glue primers. It has the character of a semi-oil primer. To change its properties you can add precipitated chalk with water /to acquire the character of lean primer/ and acrylic varnish to change into oil primer. You can tint it with tempera or acrylic paint to use the color primer for color base on your painting.
Gesso is used as an ultimate primer on pre-coated with glue or adhesive surface. It covers very well and if not diluted with water, can be applied independently. You can apply it with a brush, a painting knife or a sponge. It creates a flexible film that does not break easily. At your discretion it can be diluted with water, and the rate depends on the smoothness and character of the primed surface. You can apply on fabric, plywood, wood, stone, etc. It serves as a basis for work with oil, acrylic, tempera, décor varnish.

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Universal primer - 200ml, 1000ml